Launchpad provides marketing and branding services, consultancy and project management.

Launchpad provides marketing and branding services, consultancy and project management.

Marketing, as defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing is “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” Launchpad will give you the tools to carry out this task.

With offices, affiliates and business partners in the region, you can count on us to get your marketing moving in the right direction. We will provide you with the best solution to your problem; not with the one that is the most profitable for us. Generating ROI for you is our mantra.

Western marketing skills, Asian knowledge.

About the Founder

Stefan Pertz, the founder, is a Bachelor’s-dregree (cum laude) holder from the University of Lincoln, England.

From 1999 - 2000 he was spearheading the restructuring of sales and marketing functions for a German product manufacturer in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

After graduation in 2005, Stefan returned to Asia and worked for another four years in sales and marketing in producing companies, as a consultant and as an account director in an advertising agency.

Stefan Pertz brings full understanding of Western management and business demands as well as insights and knowledge about SE Asian markets.

This may bring immense value to your company, whether you are local or western-based.

With increasing competition, globalization, the Internet, and the gradual de-regulations of markets, marketing has become increasingly important. No company has a safe zone any longer.

With new, competing products being developed quicker than ever, top quality production from everybody and fast distribution chains, now it’s the time to look into your marketing function.

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