Launchpad helps you set up an efficient marketing department in SE Asia

Western companies entering South East Asia can hire Launchpad as their local marketing department.

We help you set up, implement and manage your marketing activities in the region.

Your biggest competitors and customers are already here. With growth rates double or triple those of the West, no small or medium sized companies can afford not to be present as well.

To succeed on a local market, you need someone on the ground. To employ someone you don’t know and who may not know Western style management is risky.

We save you time and money and hiring us limits your risk. We are experienced in marketing in the region, and we are western.

Five years’ first-hand experience from six countries

With working experience from six countries and upbringing in Europe we understand the local markets AND your requirements.

Launchpad can plan, set up, execute and manage your local marketing campaign in the respective country, saving you travel cost, additional staff and overhead cost.

And you know your intentions will be implemented – not just your instructions.

Launchpad can undertake the full chain – from market research and media planning, to adaptation and execution of your marketing activities in the region.

Trade shows, events, PR, brochures, advertising, sales meetings – we know what it takes and how to get it done.

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