With competition getting stiffer, you need a marketing specialist on your side

Faced with competition from large companies, your marketing needs to be even more targeted and innovative.

But, being a small company, your marketing work may not require a full-time marketing manager, nor may you afford one.

That’s where Launchpad comes into the picture. We help you handle your marketing activities on a project or part time basis.

This way you keep your overhead costs low, while you still benefit from a dedicated marketing manager.

We have seen both sides of the coin.
That’s how we help you save it.

Having worked for both providers and clients in marketing, we have seen both sides and understand agencies and companies alike, adding value to the relationship.

While building your marketing activities, we can help you build your in-house team as well.

Our network gives us insights and knowledge about people and companies that can add value to your business.

While you grow, we can help you hire and train staff on marketing and branding matters, assess and improve your existing marketing material, prepare comprehensive marketing plans or support your business by applying smart solutions.

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