Gives you an unlimited professional for your limited projects

Are you going to a trade show? Are you pushing a marketing project? Do you need a quick market research?

In any case, Launchpad can help.

Instead of you overloading existing staff or flying in your own people for projects they are not experts in or don’t have the local knowledge for, contact us for a limited project-based assignment.

Any project is going to be better with a pro

Whether the project is a trade show, a new product launch, a re-branding effort or a new segment market research, you need resources planning, managing and executing it.

We have helped companies execute projects all throughout Asia for five years, and we can help you, too; trade shows in China, product launches in Hong Kong, re-branding in Singapore or a market research project in Malaysia.

Your own local staff may not have the experience needed, and they have their day-to-day job to manage.

Flying in resources from the head office is costly and however skilled in project management in the West, they would soon find things don’t always work they way you think out here.

Contact us now for more information.